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FAQ--For Now & Tomorrow
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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why are we doing this project?
  • We are doing this because it helps us fulfill our purpose and vision for the future.

  • We are also doing this project because we are out of space.  By every measure, we are bumping up against being crowded -- not only on Sunday mornings, but also throughout the week.  Since we are overdue to upgrade to the building we also believe it's time to have the campus match our vision.  Currently, the building is hampering what we believe God is calling us to be and to do as we move into God's future for us.

  • Our purpose as a church is: to encourage you to encounter God, to enter into a life-changing relationship with Jesus, and to allow the Holy Spirit to show you your place in God's work.  This project is designed to deepen our encounter with God, to further our growth in how we follow Christ, and helps send us into the world in his name by knowing our spiritual gifts and using them at Columbia and in the world.

  • Our vision is to reach those who don't yet have a relationship with Christ, to welcome them into our faith communitas, to equip them for their calling from God and then send them out to use those gifts with love and boldness. 
2) How much do we need to raise?
  • We will need to raise 7.1 Million Dollars.  This is an all-inclusive figure and includes construction, finance costs, and furnishings.
3) What about the economy?
  • The economy is challenging, isn't it?  But this is also a time when construction costs are as low as they've been in a long time.  The truth is, if we wait for a perfect time for a financial campaign, we'd wait forever.  There is never a perfect time.  The Elders have prayed and discussed this issue closely and we believe it's time.  Time to move forward in faith.
4) How does the Capital Campaign work?
  • Good question!  First, we are having information meetings during the month of January so we all have a chance to hear the details.

  • Then, during February, we'll have a sermon series about how and why we need to respond to God's call in our life as a church.

  • Finally, on Sunday, March 3rd, we'll gather together in one place at one time (The Big Event at the Vancouver Hilton) for a worship service and make our commitments to the campaign.

  • Then, over the next three years, we'll receive everyone's pledges.  Of course, if anyone wants to give their pledge as a one-time gift, that's fine!  But we realize that most of us can make a commitment over a three year period and support the project over a longer period of time.
5) Is someone going to ask me for money directly?
  • So glad you asked this question.  No!  No one will ever come by and ask you for money.  These kinds of matters are between you and God. 

  • What we will ask is that you come to one of the Information Meetings in January, and then plan to attend Commitment Sunday on March 3rd.  Then, you can make your own commitment to the project.
6) How can I get more information?
7) When and where do I make a commitment?
  • We are asking that everyone who can, join us for worship on March 3rd and make a commitment then.  However, we also know that not everyone can be there that Sunday.  If you'd like to make a commitment before that time, just return your pledge to the church bookkeeper, Marilyn Roberts.  We'll be getting the pledge cards out to you in February.
8) How long is this commitment for?
  • Three years.  The best advice from experts is that most of us can pray and plan for that long.  But times and situations change and it's not good for a campaign to go longer than three years. 
  • The Session is committed to keeping Columbia debt free in order to allow the church to follow the vision God has given to us.  Depending on the success of this campaign, a 2nd three-year campaign may be started with the goal of retiring any remaining debt.
9) What if we don't raise enough?
  • The Elders would take a look at things carefully if we don't raise enough to move forward.  One thing nobody wants is to put CPC in long-term debt.  One option might be to phase the project, though that actually costs more in the long run.  At any rate, we won't move forward with construction until we know we have the resources to do so.
10) When will construction begin?  When will it be finished?
  • Construction won't begin until we know if we have enough to fund the project.

  • Hopefully, we can begin in May of this year - 2013, and conclude construction by March or April of 2014 - about a 10 month construction schedule.
11) Where will we worship and have Sunday School during construction?
  • During the Summer, we'll have to worship off-campus.  Currently the Session and Staff are looking at possibilities.

  • We'd be worshipping in the Gym and having Sunday School in the available parts of the building beginning in September of 2013 until Spring, 2014.

  • We are already working on making the Gym more accessible and improving the acoustics.
12) What if  something changes and I can't fulfill my pledge?
  • That's not a problem.  Just let the Financial Secretary know and everything will be fine.  We realize that circumstances do change and that's part of living by faith.

  • We want to emphasize that all pledges and contributions are confidential and only the Financial Secretary will have the information on what you pledge or give.  Neither the Pastors nor the Building Committee, nor the For Now and Tomorrow Committee will know what anyone's pledge or giving are.  It's between you and God.
13) What if the PCUSA does something I really don't agree with?
  • We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  Currently, we believe God is calling us to stay in the PCUSA and align ourselves nationally with the Fellowship of Presbyterians - an organization within the PCUSA that is seeking to be faithful to the Bible and to our Reformed theological heritage.
14) When will the next Capital Campaign be?
  • This is a great question and it comes up a fair amount of time.  Actually, that's harder to do than it sounds like at first.  We are recommending the expansion of space and remodeling of both buildings for two basic reasons:

  • First  - if all we wanted to do was remodel the existing space and add an elevator - it would still cost at least $3 million dollars, maybe more.  As soon as we do more than $60,000.00 of work on the existing building for any reason, we have to bring everything in the building up to current ADA requirements and city codes.  For example, we'd have to add sprinkler systems and ADA restrooms throughout the building.  Adding an elevator would require remodeling that portion of the building where it would go, adding to the cost.

  • Second - we would either have to add two stairways according to code, both of which would have to go into the current Gathering Area, taking away space that we can't afford to lose to begin with -- OR, we'd have to take out the balcony altogether, losing most of the current space in the Chancel area for the Choir.  So, instead of gaining space, we'd spend a lot of money to lose space we currently have.

  • If we're going to do this at all, why not plan and prepare for future growth, both spiritually and numerically?  Yes.  It costs more, but when you divide the total cost by the number of years it will enable us to grow in our vision and ministry, it's actually fairly reasonable.
15) Why can't we move the Youth Ministry back down on the main level? 
  • Do we ever wish we could!  But that would cost us about another $2 million dollars and we just weren't sure if we could do that all at once.

  • The remodel does help 'pull' the two buildings together by moving the Youth Ministry to the south of the upper campus building and adding large windows that enable them to be much closer and more visible than in the past.
16) What about parking? 
  • We'll wind up with more parking by about 50 spaces.  Furthermore, we'll add more disabled and handicapped parking in the main lot so our Seniors will be able to get into worship more easily.

  • The parking lot will also be more attractive and secure.
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Got another question that wasn't answered here?  Then we encourage you to attend one of our upcoming informational meetings, or you can feel free to email your question to us.
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