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Art--Seder Doors
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Art @ CPC
"Seder Doors" by Jennifer Neal

PLEASE NOTE: ALL ART WORK ON THIS PAGE IS THE PROPERTY OF THE ORIGINAL ARTIST, including all rights & copyright and are simply displayed by permission to CPC.  Display of art on this section is reserved for members of CPC for the purpose of enriching our worship and devotional life.  All content and edits are under the discretion of the CPC staff.
Jennifer Neal has attended Columbia Presbyterian since 2007 with her husband and three teenage children. She works fulltime at Columbia as the Children’s and Youth Assistant. She enjoys creating art that relates to scripture and God, and sharing it in community.  
Each piece of art is done as a full size door, and during certain times of the year, these doors are put out on display around the church or in the sanctuary.
Seder Doors Art Installation (from the artist)
The art displayed here is the end result of several weeks of preparation. The high school DIG groups have spent their Sunday morning time helping construct and create this art. The doors represent five different themes from Passover and Exodus: hope, disorder, journey, feast , and celebrate. We talked about how the Hebrews experienced living out these themes with God, and then we thought about our lives and how we connect with God around these same ideas. The art is the physical expression of these thoughts and beliefs.
Why doors? The doorways, and how they are prepared, represent a critical moment in the Passover story - life or death. So we thought it would be powerful visually to present a concept built around doors. I like the idea that we have written and painted on what someone would expect to be plain, or left in its original state. Passover was God’s deliverance of a people, and that story is still being revealed. Generation after generation adds their experiences to the great masterpiece that God creates with us. Throughout this project, it has been my intention to honor the Passover story, and all that it means, without trying to relive it as a Hebrew, or trying to equate my experience to theirs, but still seeking to honor the awesome power and wonder of God that is still at work today.
I’d like to thank Pastor Matt Overton for encouraging and helping me to share my creative interpretation of the Passover events with the high school students and leaders, and now with you.
-Jennifer Neal
God delivered the Hebrews from slavery after 430 years, “to the very day.” The dark-ness of sin is part of the reality that we must live with, and threatens to enslave us in despair, but we have hope in Jesus, and the knowledge that time in our lives is not insignificant to God, and we are not forgotten. For this door, we painted words of dis-couragement to form the darkness. The candles are painted with words that bring us hope and joy.
Loud wail cropped
The Hebrews witnessed the destruction of a society that relied on false ideas about order and power. In our own society we are constantly being sold solutions that promise to make life better, but ultimately our faith in these solutions just adds to the “disordered mess.” We combined words from two lists for this door, for the pur-pose of naming some of the solutions that ultimately fail to deliver. One list had words about authority, power and success, and the other list had words that related to food, like perishable, expired, frozen, etc. We also cut ads from magazines, that end up looking ridiculous when held up to a more Godly way of living.
get moving I AM
Again and again, as the Hebrews go on the journey into the wilderness with God, he shows them that he is travelling with them and that he will take care of the frighten-ing and seemingly impossible obstacles that come up if they will just be still and let him lead the way. This door asks the question : will we take the route that is the easi-est for us to control and predict, and let God know how it’s going; or, will we put him in charge of the trip? We wrote about cautious living on the Egypt part of the door, and adventurous living on the wilderness part of the door.
all of them
No strangers are allowed at the feast. God’s holiness does not allow for being un-known at his table. Jesus is the answer to all the regulations, restrictions, and rules that are laid out in Exodus about the feast. Through him, we are invited to sit at the table with God. Sticking with Egypt, we covered this door in Coptic crosses and im-agery. We talked about the feasts and gatherings that we’ve been to, and how they were great, and how they were challenging. We also talked about what makes our youth group community special, and we did communion.
celebrate this day
Celebrating Passover means remembering God and what he has done for us. This is to be done always. When the Hebrews were a month and a half out of Egypt and they were hungry in the desert, God gave them man-uh. He gave them enough and they had to trust him. We talked about taking a break from always wanting or trying to get more and spending time being content with what God has given us. God tells Moses to collect some of the man-uh and keep it in a jar as a remembrance. We wrote about what God has done in our lives, and put our words under glass, like little jars.
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